Wednesday, November 30, 2011

A few more bears...

A few more of my little creations...

This is Trixie, another fairy bear.

Susie the Cooking Bear.

One of my favourites (I tend to say that a lot). Merlin the Wizard Bear. His cape matches his hat.

Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Stolen teddy bear legs and other thoughts...

It's actually quite difficult trying to handsew miniature bears with a 5 month old puppy around. Jack finds the whole thing far too fascinating...all those bits of material, threads, stuffing, just begging to be grabbed, whisked away and chewed...I find that I have to limit my sewing to his puppy naps. He managed to make off with a leg a few days ago, which must have fallen to the floor. It was pretty much destroyed by the time I realised what he was up to- somewhat annoying considering the time and care that had gone into it. Ah well, that's life with a puppy. 

This is the thief himself, cosying up to Pesto (who is thankfully very tolerant, given that Jack sees him as not only a friend but another wonderfully chewable thing...)

I'm busy readying my bears to go out into the wide world, making little tags for each one with their name and so forth. It looks like they will be up for sale in a retail store by November- very exciting. I hope they find good homes. :) I recieved some gorgeous new materials from my supplier recently and have a few ideas in mind for new bears. I just wish I wasn't so time poor at the moment. I do love my job but teaching is a very tiring profession! Still, I'll find time to do some creating at the weekend. 

I'll finish off with another of my collection. This is Maeve, the first I've made from a new dark purple fabric that I'm really happy with- very rich and royal! Maeve's skirt is made from ribbon and her charm comes from an op-shop bracelet I dismantled (I do love recycling!) Maeve is another of my favourites. Though I seem to say that about them all. 

Monday, October 11, 2010

Welcome to Fanciful Creations

Hello there. I have been designing and hand-sewing miniature fanciful bears for several years now and have decided it is time to bring them into the open! I'll start by introducing a few of my favourites...

Introducing Hamish, my first tiny bear. He is the only one of my creations who isn't for sale. I have photographed the bears with my hand to show their actual size. They really are quite weeny...

This is Jack the Romantic Bear. He carries a handmade rose.

Finally for today- Allegra the Fairy Bear. Her skirt and beads are op-shop finds and her wings are made from recycled stockings and wire!
 My bears are available by direct order- email 
They will also be stocked in a store here in Launceston in the very near future- watch this space!